Haile Resources is very fortunate to be the supply partner for some of the most successful ingredient suppliers in the US. They have hired us to be their sales force and customer service team in our market area. Our clients receive the benefit of local, experienced representation with the technical backing of the corporate partner. In our opinion, the best of both worlds!

We currently provide ingredients to a wide range of Food and Beverages Companies. Our customers include Confectionery, Bakery and Ice Cream manufacturers, companies that make Savory Soups and Sauces, Snack, Nut and Dried Fruit companies as well as Non-Alcoholic and Alcoholic Beverage manufacturers. We also supply Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical companies and Pet Food manufacturers.

No. If you’re trying to source a product or ingredient, call or email us directly and we will do our best to find it for you. We take the “Resources” part of our name very seriously and work hard to meet your ingredient needs.

Absolutely! The majority of our supply partners have very reasonable minimum order policies. And many of our customers started out as small businesses and are now large and successful.

Yes we can! From the beginning, Haile Resources has made a conscious decision to partner with suppliers who not only have reasonable minimum order policies but will be able to service multiple truck load volume if the need is present.

Please send all purchase orders directly to Haile Resources through the email address CustomerService@haileresources.com. As stated above, we are not only the sales force for our Suppliers, we are also the Customer Service and Problem Resolution division.

Each of our Suppliers invoices you directly once the order is fulfilled.

Our experienced customer service team here at Haile Resources can assist with any and all questions and/or problems that you may encounter during the normal course of business. You can reach us at 214-357-1471 or via email CustomerService@haileresources.com.

Additional Questions?